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A Cacoon on a cool camping trip

Cool camping just got cooler! The great outdoors has never been so stylish! No self respecting yurt or teepee is complete without a Cacoon . . . or two!

Wherever you are planning on escaping to this year, make sure you take time out for some real relaxation! And what better way to chill out than in your own Cacoon. Simple yet quirky. It’s small enough to carry, yet big enough to share.

Barefoot luxury for recreation, adventure and simple fun, a Cacoon’s high quality, durable materials make it tough, flexible and safe – you can be sure that from wind and wet to sun and sea it’ll withstand any conditions you, your tribe or the weather can throw at it.

Cool Camping has never been coolerWith its aluminium ring (it won’t rust!) a Cacoon is lightweight – a single weighs just 5kg, and packs down to less than 20cm x 70cm, while a double weighs about 6kg and packs down to less than 25cm x 80cm – making it the perfect, easy to pack and carry, glamping accessory of choice.

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